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Warcraft 4 Beta Download, news and official release date

Warcraft 4 beta download

Soon, its time for blizzard to release Warcraft 4 beta. There are some pre-leaked downloads, and mods for other games to predicts how warcraft 4 will be. You could find more releated informations at : Warcraft 4 beta, downloads, official release date  

Warcraft 4 beta mod for starcraft 2

You can download an awesome warcraft 4 mod for starcraft 2. Its a texture mod and works great, new storyline, it could name an Fan made Warcraft 4. You can download it free from the author's website. Check the download below.

Other warcraft 4 downloads, releases and informations

Blizzard says warcraft 4 release will depends on fans, on feedbacks and comments. They say, they will work on Warcraft 4, when the story of Starcraft 2 comes to it's end. As we know it, Starcraft's story will end soon, so we could hope in Warcraft 4 in the near future. 

Story of Warcraft IV

As we know the story of Warcrafts completed in Warcraft 3 , Frozen Throne, and in WoW. So there will be many new story line. We could hope, that story of Warcraft IV will same complex and fully designed and professional as were other warcraft's. Warcraft 4 will get a brand new graphics motor, animations. The story will starts from the end of the World of warcraft's story, if there will be new WoW episodes, probably the two games story will follow each other. So we could probably predit, that there will be addons/DLCs for Warcraft 4, as there was Starcraft 2 DLC-s too.

We hope that warcraft 4's dlc-s won't be monthly subscription based, but as we know blizzard, they probably charge us for it.

Warcraft 4 beta download

I hope, there will be more undead story, and some legion releated things. Probably fans don't want any panda, and glossy shiny story line, much more some bloody tricky story, with darkness, magic and typical warcraft things.

warcraft 4 beta

There you can check some Warcraft 4 Beta fan arts. We could hope that, the story will comes from the begins of the Warcraft story's begining, the creating of life, the birth of azeroth, emerald dream.

There are some fan thoughts, that Warcraft 4 will happen in a pararell universes, as the WoW's expansion

As the subscriber base of WoW is decreasing, Blizzard should have open a brand new money tap, this could be the warcraft 4. We hope that warcraft IV won't be a monthly subscription based game.

Some fan says the new episode name will be Warcraft 4 The Edge of Eternity

Warcraft 4 The Edge of Eternity
A fan made logo of Warcraft 4 The Edge of Eternity

Warcraft 4 news, probably Warcraft 4 Edge Of Eternity in 2016?

There are some rumors about Warcraft 4, that says Blizzard will leak some information about Warcraft 4 in 2016. There will be Blizzcon in 2016, where could blizzard leaks the new episode of Warcraft. That could be the Warcraft 4 Edge of Eternity?

Hopefully we will know the Warcraft 4 release date at the blizzcon. There are many new rumors about the warcraft 4 at the internet. 

Warcraft 4 Official Release Date

If they annonunce Warcraft 4 at 2016 Blizzcon, we will get a release date. As we know game developement lasts for 4-5 years, we could guess, that the Warcraft 4 official release date will be at probably 2020. Yea seems long time, but it will be absolutlety awesome. . There are some rumors about the name of the game as Warcraft 4 Edge of Eternity (as we mentioned above), Warcraft 4 Awakening, Warcraft 4 a new dawn.
Warcraft 4 official release date
Warcraft 4 official release date, at Blizzcon 2016?

Charachters of the new Warcraft

As we know a lot of bad guy died in WoW and W3 too. Probably we will get the real Sargeras? It would be absolutely awsome. A full demon based game. Or there could be some real new bad guy, who we don't know? Some new type of enemy or a good guy turn into bad? Hopefully we will know everything at Blizzcon 2016 Warcraft 4 annonucement.

Warcraft 4 charachers

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